success and fails


the result of my work, being insprinded by artist and trying to copy their creations.

the effect and what you can do on photoshot

also working on photoshot i enjoyed a lot


i didnt understand some of the effect and had to ask for help at somepoints.

some of the computer and how they work



in this project we went outside in bath and took some photo.

this was helpful for our project too.

uploading them was easy all we had to do was:get the chip out of the camera, putting that in the computer sloot and the camera chip with appear on the desktop.


this wasnt my frist time on photoshot from my experience from last year,

using what i knew i find some of the tool and effect easy but i found some new effect that i used for my photo.

using the layering and contrast.

what i enjoyed working on was was having 2 layers on 1 and rubbing out the front photo and bring the back image forward

i like the way my photo came out and the result at the end



I found a picture of a tiger a close up and found a picure Of the a camera iegdes Edititng the tiger pink and editied Copyed and paste Merged the two Change the layer to-overlay Opacity-99% Change the contrast and … Continue reading

sheikh zayed mosque

sheikh zayed mosque

I found a picture of a sheikh zayed mosque And thought it would be a good idea if I merged the two together. I pasted it on the bath-church picture On layer I changed it to—hard light Opacity-96% Fill—94%